Sunday, April 15, 2012

Play the music low, & sway to the rythm of love...

So I've decided this blog is going to be more of my personal blog because I honestly don't want people I know reading it... Its kind of more like a diary I guess.  But anyways...

Topic of the Day: Uh. My life?
Well this weekend was completely amazing...

The Best Things in Life...
Starbucks Frappeccinnos.
A random guy coming up to you & telling you your beautiful.
Jeep rides with the top off, music loud, at night.
Chill Sunday afternoons with your bestfriend.
Innocent music on a warm day.
Long walks with a puppy.
Having all the windows open in the house on a spring day.
Midnight walks with the people you adore.
Nicholas Sparks movies.
Wearing a cute boys jacket.
Singing as loud as you can because you just don't care.
Laughing so hard you cry.
Pictures that capture the moment exactly the way it really was.
Realizing someone you thought had forgotten you thinks about you as much as you think about them.
Hot chocolate, a heated blanket, & cute boy to text.
Black Friday shopping.
Christmas time.
Having the whole cafeteria at school sing happy birthday too you.
Sitting in the back of a movie theatre & cuddling with your boyfriend. Just cuddling <3.
Swinging so high you feel like you're flying.
Blowing on a dandelion & making a wish.
When you're wish actually comes true.
Old notes.
Songs that explain your life story.
That one person who you can tell everything too.
Opening night of a play you're in.
The smell of coffee.
Finding out the person you like likes you too.
Meeting a person & later realizing how different your life would be if you hadn't met them.
Video chatting people from other countries.
Flip flops & sunglasses.
Wedding dresses.
Finding something you thought you had lost.
Books you just can't put down.
Piano music.
Popcicles and movies.
That time when everything feels perfect.
When that time ends & you realize you're happy anyways.
Finally getting over someone you thought you never would.
Long showers.
Fall weather.
Kissing in the rain.
Realizing that if you told yourself  last year this is how things would be now you wouldn't believe it.
Kindergartener pen pal letters.
4 day school weeks.


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