Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I just wanna be successful...

Posting again i guess. North isnt really what i thought it would be... At all. I actually really miss thompkins... Everyone there knew me. I walked with someone different to every class, had a huge group of guys and girls to sit with at lunch, a steady reputation... Ive realized im kinda one of those people that you either love or hate... And i have alot of people who dont like me. Theres this whole group of girls that are the "innocent group" i guess you could say. All average looking if not more on the pretty side and all pretty rich, good girls but kinda just blend in, dont really talk to guys or date... I will admit that at thompkins i kinda had a rep for being a whore for awhile... To some people at least. And i dedinately was to them. I *gasp* talk to boys?! Get over yourself. Just because i talk to guys doesnt make me a whore. Its not my fault i get along with them. Their easier to talk to than girls alot of the time. But heres the thing. Ive only kissed 3 guys. Okay... Madeout but still. I know tons of people who have done worse... Gtfo. I swear.
But A couple days ago i was talking to this guy and hes like so what did you and your bf do this weekend? Im like went to the movies and the fling. Hes like noo what did you DO? Im like um what? Hes like yahno, what did you do at the movies and fling? Im like well he kissed me... But thats really it. Hes like oh thats not what i heard... But what people were saying didnt sound like you. Im like ugh i dont even want to know what people are saying. I love how i dont even go to thompkins anymore and people still like to talk about me like im a slut. I swear....
But this random guy messaged me on facebook and was like well hello gorgeous where have you been all my life? Im like umm staying away from old creeps like you that like to hit on FOURTEEN year olds. GTFO! He didnt message back. Hehe(:



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