Thursday, April 19, 2012

I don't know about me but I know about you so say hello to falsetto in 3, 2, Swag.

So I'm just like not a deep person. At all. I mean, I like sweet guys but really I'm into someone thats fun. But what are you supposed to say when a guy says something sweet to you? "Awh(:" Never fails in my opinion...
But alot of the guys I talk to are just so much deeper than me. Like they'll tell me there whole life story & I'm just like ohh. Like I mean what do you say to that?
That's my goal. Work on being a deeper person.
Yeah, I like sweet guys... But I'd honestly rather have someone thats like my bestfriend that I can do stupid & fun stuff with rather than the sweetest guy ever... Just not my type.
& I adore brown eyes on guys <3
Too bad my bf has blue eyes... Oh well.
But no joke if a guy were to ask me out by singing Boyfriend by Justin Bieber to me... I think I would marry him<3
My bf was singing that yesterday... Or more like humming it... Even though he claims he can't stand that song. Whatever, he loves it. (:

When hot guys have ugly girlfriends. I don't get it... I mean she must have THE BEST personality ever. But alot of guys I've talked to have said that looks aren't all that they look at but that they just couldn't date someone ugly... That's terrible but I kinda feel the same way. Is that bad? But the more attractive a person is the more confident & outgoing they are & I definately need a confident guy.
But the way a guy dresses can really define whether he's hot or not. If you're looking at a guy & can't decide whether he's hot or just average : Look at what he's wearing. I personally think the whole preppy Abercrombie/Hollister thing is incredibly sexy. But I like that kinda guy anyways I guess. But the badboy type is pretty hot too. Oh & look at their jeans. That really tells you everything. If he looks hot in his jeans : Go for it!


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