Saturday, August 18, 2012

No regrets, just love.

So the guy that got me grounded got my friend grounded. For the same reason I got grounded. Normally I would be soooo mad. But I didn't like him. So I'm kinda just like hahahahahahaha that's funny. We were friends with benefits I guess you could say. Like looking back... I honestly had no feelings for him. I was still into the ginger. And he knew I was still into him. You don't just kiss a girl that you know likes your friend. And I know he's hooked up with sooo many girls. I've always known that. He's not even that cute. He's really tall, dark hair, dark eyes, tan. He's like half something that starts with an H... He's hooked up with my bestfriends older sister. And thats just one girl I know about... I think he enjoys getting freshman girls grounded... Seriously though. I want to be crazy. I think my parents know it too. 

Hahahahah I wrote this like 2 weeks ago & it never got posted so I guess I will now...

~No Regrets~

You gonna love me like you ain't loved nobody before

Indie Music.
Being different.
Acting older than you are.
A new start.
Yogurt parfaits.
My playlist right now.
Being smart.
Red nails.
Accent walls.
Depressing music.
White cars.
My bestfriend.
Lacrosse players.
Guys cousins.
Good guys.
Cute clothes on sale.
Wrist tatoos.
Boarding school.
No regrets.
Letting loose.
Nose studs.
Booty Wurk--T-Pain.
Marianna's Trench.

Lady GaGa.
Being nosy.
Being judgmental.
Calling someone a slut.
Middle schoolers.
Car rides.
Everyone knowing your business.
People who don't understand.
Taking things the wrong way.
Sneaking around.
Sleeping in really late.
Controlling people.
Being sad.
Caring so much.
Being tied down.
Being grounded.
Airheaded cocky "jocks".
This summer.
Being too put together.

~No Regrets~

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And it feels like I am just to close to love you

I need to talk to a boy. I just need too. It's so weird for me not too. I miss people. We have a freshman orientation on Friday... I hate it when you want to be over a guy but you just can't get over them. No matter how much you want to not like them anymore, even after everything you've been through with them, everything they've done to you and you still like them. I think good things can overrule the bad things. I got "hollered" at today. In front of my mom, grandma, great grandma, and great aunt... I was wearing my bodycon skirt and these boots and this really cute shirt... I walked out of this restaurant and there were these guys in a car on the street stopped at a red light and they start waving and yelling "hey pretty girl"... Pretty dang funny... Unless they were talking to my mom... Actually happened before. ... Awkward. XOXO

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I can't keep sleeping in your bed if you keep messing with my head

In. The Cab. Being single. Eyeliner. Wavy hair. Singing. Grey's Anatomy. Satchels. Delia*s. Long hair. Pacsun. Denim. Ripped jeans. Diy fashion. Green eyes. Writing. Glitter. Indie style. Bunnies. Talking on the phone. Bracelets. Red. Huge houses. New York. Netflix. Being short. Boots. Dark hair. Pink perfume. Being independent. Girl friends. The music video for Bad by The Cab. Horror movies. Dangly earrings. Marilyn Monroe. Paintings. Dresses. Tie dye. Boys that can sing. Chris Brown's voice. Bands. Dancing. 90210. Being around people. Out. Overplayed songs. Being fake. Getting high. Redheads. Acting really slutty. Crying. Players. Being grounded. Here. Being 14. Not trusting someone. Hypocrites. Cats. Junk food. McDonalds. Making out with guys you don't like. Boyfriends. Being judgmental. Bad teeth. Being cold. Small cities.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I wanna kiss you, but if I do then I might miss you babe

I haven't posted on here in forever... And I am currently grounded so I have absolutely nothing to do. Topic of the day: my stupidity. Hmm. Long story short : started dating the ginger. We dated for like a month and a half. I broke up with him. He tried to get back with me over a month. During that time I met other guys and talked to them, including John (which isnt his real name. I just made it up for the blog) . I ended up hokking up with tye ginger. We got back together. We hooked up more. He broke up with me. We got in a huge fight. I had my girls on my side and he had his guys. We burned his sweatshirt. Got in an even bigger fight. He apolagized. I apolagized. We decided to still be friends. I hooked up wth john. The ginger started hitting on me again and bringing up our history and all that. I hooked up with john again. And that brings me to know. Me being grounded. Yupp. My interesting life. XOXO

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm just a little girl lost in the moment, I'm so scared, but I don't show it...

Well last weekend was interesting.
On Friday I went to Abbey's house & our boyfriend's & some friends were supposed to come over. Ends up my boyfriend was in trouble, and 2 of the other guys we invited had tutoring. So it was just me, Abbey, her bf, and this guy Anthony. So that was interesting... Then on Friday I went on a mini golfing date with Abbey <3 then she came back to my house and we went on a walk & hung out with our bf's & all these guys... Then she slept over and on Saturday we walked over to this one girl's house & hung out with the guys again. & then we all went to her bf's house & spent like 4 hours there... then she left & I spent the night at Emma's. & my boyfriend came over again <3 so fun weekend

But yeah. I've been dating this guy for a month tommorrow. That is like a record for me. I'm kind of known for having like 2 week flings with a different guy every time. Which I'm kinda sick of. And I really don't want a repeat of last summer where I was like talk talking to 4 guys at once... Summer is so fun though <3
I'm so ready for highschool.
I wish it was fall already though... The Fall Festival, Halloween, football games, amazing weather. Fall is the best.
So Twitter is really addicting.
The Boyfriend music video is too die for <3


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Livin Young & Wild & Free...

Topic of the Day: Pictures.
So I'm pretty sure all girls have had that one (at least) guy that always wants pictures. Not just pictures but "pictures". Those guys that wnat you to prove your not a "good girl" by sending them pics. Uhm. No. This is one of the most annoying things a guy can do ever. If a guy asks once I'll just tell them no & if they drop it I'm cool. But if you keep asking you are going to get yelled at. Guys are so annoying...
But what do you do if your boyfriend wants pictures? Still say no... Guys are guys & it's pretty much known that more than one guy is going to be seeing these pictures. When it comes to this, trust no one.
I actually know a girl who had this guy show a bunch of peole a picture that he claimed was her even though it really wasn't... And once again, I repeat, guys are ANNOYING.

Well this was interesting....

& I meant to post this FOREVER AGO! I keep finding old posts...