Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ive had you so many times but somehow I want more...

I'm so confused with everything right now... I have issues with trusting guys. All they seem to do is lie. I like my boyfriend... I mean I really do. But I don't know... It's nice to always have someone there to talk to.. But I honestly don't feel as into him as I would have been if he would have asked me out last year. Or as into him as I think i should be if that makes any sense?
Before we were dating i had been talking to his friend. Not like talk talking to him, just as like flirting buddies kinda. So then one night he took this guys phone and was texting me on it calling me a whore and all this stuff so i was incredibly mad at that guy and wouldnt talk to him. Turns out it was my bf who had taken his phone and was saying that stuff because he thought I like his friend and he wanted to get with me. I personally think this was an incredibly douchey hing to do. I was honestly never even into his friend like that but he ruined us even being friends by doing that. Why not just tell me you like me? Stupid people... But I always think guys are leading me on... Even my own bf. Why cant i just believe that he likes me and stay with a guy? My own freaking mom thinks i'm flighty? I guess i like the idea of having a boyfriend more than actually having one... *sigh*. Another useless post... Oh well...

XOXO-- hannah

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