Thursday, April 19, 2012

Livin Young & Wild & Free...

Topic of the Day: Pictures.
So I'm pretty sure all girls have had that one (at least) guy that always wants pictures. Not just pictures but "pictures". Those guys that wnat you to prove your not a "good girl" by sending them pics. Uhm. No. This is one of the most annoying things a guy can do ever. If a guy asks once I'll just tell them no & if they drop it I'm cool. But if you keep asking you are going to get yelled at. Guys are so annoying...
But what do you do if your boyfriend wants pictures? Still say no... Guys are guys & it's pretty much known that more than one guy is going to be seeing these pictures. When it comes to this, trust no one.
I actually know a girl who had this guy show a bunch of peole a picture that he claimed was her even though it really wasn't... And once again, I repeat, guys are ANNOYING.

Well this was interesting....

& I meant to post this FOREVER AGO! I keep finding old posts...


I don't know about me but I know about you so say hello to falsetto in 3, 2, Swag.

So I'm just like not a deep person. At all. I mean, I like sweet guys but really I'm into someone thats fun. But what are you supposed to say when a guy says something sweet to you? "Awh(:" Never fails in my opinion...
But alot of the guys I talk to are just so much deeper than me. Like they'll tell me there whole life story & I'm just like ohh. Like I mean what do you say to that?
That's my goal. Work on being a deeper person.
Yeah, I like sweet guys... But I'd honestly rather have someone thats like my bestfriend that I can do stupid & fun stuff with rather than the sweetest guy ever... Just not my type.
& I adore brown eyes on guys <3
Too bad my bf has blue eyes... Oh well.
But no joke if a guy were to ask me out by singing Boyfriend by Justin Bieber to me... I think I would marry him<3
My bf was singing that yesterday... Or more like humming it... Even though he claims he can't stand that song. Whatever, he loves it. (:

When hot guys have ugly girlfriends. I don't get it... I mean she must have THE BEST personality ever. But alot of guys I've talked to have said that looks aren't all that they look at but that they just couldn't date someone ugly... That's terrible but I kinda feel the same way. Is that bad? But the more attractive a person is the more confident & outgoing they are & I definately need a confident guy.
But the way a guy dresses can really define whether he's hot or not. If you're looking at a guy & can't decide whether he's hot or just average : Look at what he's wearing. I personally think the whole preppy Abercrombie/Hollister thing is incredibly sexy. But I like that kinda guy anyways I guess. But the badboy type is pretty hot too. Oh & look at their jeans. That really tells you everything. If he looks hot in his jeans : Go for it!


I'm just saying, you could do better...Tell me have you heard that lately?

So this weekend was amazing.

On Friday I had my friend Abbey over and we went to the movies with my boyfriend, her boyfriend, and their friend (who is an awkward Asian...) We saw the Hunger Games and everbody else that was sitting in the back row got kicked out except for us... Well we almost did... But its not like we were doing anything. But I'm just sitting there with Jay and these awkward 6th grade guys keep asking about me... But after the movie we walked to Dairy Queen. It was just the five of us in a line all holding hands walking down the middle of the street. But Dairy Queen was closed. Whats up with that? So then we walked to McDonalds and sat at a booth until Abbey's boyfriends dad came & picked us up.  But in the car there were only like 2 seats in the back at first so Justin and Abbey's bf are just like oh the girls can sit on our laps so we're like um okay and then his dad put the seats down in the back but we just sat on the guys lap anyways. So we're in the car & this really pretty 7th grade girl calls my boyfriend and is like talking to him and everything and he's just like um I'm with Hannah I'm kinda busy & I'm just like um you're in a car with your girlfriend on your lap and your talking to some other girl? Wow... But we get home and me & Abbey ate pocicles and Pringles & Chocolate for dinner... Even though it was like 11:30... & watched Paranormal Activity 2.
Then on Saturday we went to the Spring Fling which is this thing at the school my younger sister goes to that a bunch of people go to & me and Abbey worked the fish booth thingey. Little kids throwing balls = a bad idea. & you would not believe how many times in one hour I said "Blue & green water gets you tickets, gold gets a fish." So that was the lame part. Then Emma got their & we hung out with her & then the guys got there so we were all just like walking around outside. It was actually really fun. But my bf kissed me <3 But we got in trouble for kissing by some random lady because this was a n "elementary school function" and "we need to take it somewhere else". Umm I was leaving & probably won't see him until next weekend? Screw you. Then I left the fling & went to Emma's house to spend the night. We got Dairy Queen & watched Breaking Dawn. But I didn't really feel good :/ Oh well. But yes. This weekend was rather successful.
I meant to post this like Monday or Tuesday..


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I just wanna be successful...

Posting again i guess. North isnt really what i thought it would be... At all. I actually really miss thompkins... Everyone there knew me. I walked with someone different to every class, had a huge group of guys and girls to sit with at lunch, a steady reputation... Ive realized im kinda one of those people that you either love or hate... And i have alot of people who dont like me. Theres this whole group of girls that are the "innocent group" i guess you could say. All average looking if not more on the pretty side and all pretty rich, good girls but kinda just blend in, dont really talk to guys or date... I will admit that at thompkins i kinda had a rep for being a whore for awhile... To some people at least. And i dedinately was to them. I *gasp* talk to boys?! Get over yourself. Just because i talk to guys doesnt make me a whore. Its not my fault i get along with them. Their easier to talk to than girls alot of the time. But heres the thing. Ive only kissed 3 guys. Okay... Madeout but still. I know tons of people who have done worse... Gtfo. I swear.
But A couple days ago i was talking to this guy and hes like so what did you and your bf do this weekend? Im like went to the movies and the fling. Hes like noo what did you DO? Im like um what? Hes like yahno, what did you do at the movies and fling? Im like well he kissed me... But thats really it. Hes like oh thats not what i heard... But what people were saying didnt sound like you. Im like ugh i dont even want to know what people are saying. I love how i dont even go to thompkins anymore and people still like to talk about me like im a slut. I swear....
But this random guy messaged me on facebook and was like well hello gorgeous where have you been all my life? Im like umm staying away from old creeps like you that like to hit on FOURTEEN year olds. GTFO! He didnt message back. Hehe(:



Ive had you so many times but somehow I want more...

I'm so confused with everything right now... I have issues with trusting guys. All they seem to do is lie. I like my boyfriend... I mean I really do. But I don't know... It's nice to always have someone there to talk to.. But I honestly don't feel as into him as I would have been if he would have asked me out last year. Or as into him as I think i should be if that makes any sense?
Before we were dating i had been talking to his friend. Not like talk talking to him, just as like flirting buddies kinda. So then one night he took this guys phone and was texting me on it calling me a whore and all this stuff so i was incredibly mad at that guy and wouldnt talk to him. Turns out it was my bf who had taken his phone and was saying that stuff because he thought I like his friend and he wanted to get with me. I personally think this was an incredibly douchey hing to do. I was honestly never even into his friend like that but he ruined us even being friends by doing that. Why not just tell me you like me? Stupid people... But I always think guys are leading me on... Even my own bf. Why cant i just believe that he likes me and stay with a guy? My own freaking mom thinks i'm flighty? I guess i like the idea of having a boyfriend more than actually having one... *sigh*. Another useless post... Oh well...

XOXO-- hannah

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Play the music low, & sway to the rythm of love...

So I've decided this blog is going to be more of my personal blog because I honestly don't want people I know reading it... Its kind of more like a diary I guess.  But anyways...

Topic of the Day: Uh. My life?
Well this weekend was completely amazing...

The Best Things in Life...
Starbucks Frappeccinnos.
A random guy coming up to you & telling you your beautiful.
Jeep rides with the top off, music loud, at night.
Chill Sunday afternoons with your bestfriend.
Innocent music on a warm day.
Long walks with a puppy.
Having all the windows open in the house on a spring day.
Midnight walks with the people you adore.
Nicholas Sparks movies.
Wearing a cute boys jacket.
Singing as loud as you can because you just don't care.
Laughing so hard you cry.
Pictures that capture the moment exactly the way it really was.
Realizing someone you thought had forgotten you thinks about you as much as you think about them.
Hot chocolate, a heated blanket, & cute boy to text.
Black Friday shopping.
Christmas time.
Having the whole cafeteria at school sing happy birthday too you.
Sitting in the back of a movie theatre & cuddling with your boyfriend. Just cuddling <3.
Swinging so high you feel like you're flying.
Blowing on a dandelion & making a wish.
When you're wish actually comes true.
Old notes.
Songs that explain your life story.
That one person who you can tell everything too.
Opening night of a play you're in.
The smell of coffee.
Finding out the person you like likes you too.
Meeting a person & later realizing how different your life would be if you hadn't met them.
Video chatting people from other countries.
Flip flops & sunglasses.
Wedding dresses.
Finding something you thought you had lost.
Books you just can't put down.
Piano music.
Popcicles and movies.
That time when everything feels perfect.
When that time ends & you realize you're happy anyways.
Finally getting over someone you thought you never would.
Long showers.
Fall weather.
Kissing in the rain.
Realizing that if you told yourself  last year this is how things would be now you wouldn't believe it.
Kindergartener pen pal letters.
4 day school weeks.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

You're insecure, Don't know what for, You're turning heads when you walk through the door

Topic of the Day: "Pictures"

I think guys asking for pictures is the most annoying thing ever. No. I don't send slutty pictures. I'm not a slut. If thats what you really want go talk to some other girl. Guys are so annoying when it comes to this.
Like I think I've talk talked to like what? Maybe 3 guys who have never asked me for pictures.... So annoyying... But some guys won't drop it after I say no... Or will be like "Oh you're such a good girl you won't even send me a picture." No I won't send you the type of picture you want because unlike some girls I actually have self respect and honestly don't trust you... Go Die.
And I mean is it not awkward for girls to take these pictures? That seems like it would be the most awkward thing ever... But this one girl at my new school sent pictures to this guy she had just met & the pictures ended up all over the school. Like a bunch of people have a copy of it now. I unfortunately got to see it. Gag me.
I mean I have nothing against girls who are like "Oh I look cute I'm going to take a picture and send it to my boyfriend." I mean I do that. As long as there wearing clothes its cool. And I mean actual clothes.... Not what some girls consider "clothes"...
Girls nowadays...

Well enough ranting about stuff for today...


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You Only Live Once

I haven't posted on here in forever either...
So Topic of the Day: This once again shall be boyfriends.

So theres this guy that I've liked on & off forever now... I'll call him Jay. I met him last year & he's just like one of those people that's fun to be around. So we would like talk but never really like Talked talked yahno? So then this year we ended up hanging out alot... Like going to the Fall Festival and Halloween and movies and starbucks & stuff like that... Then right after Christmas Break he was like yeah I like you. I've liked you for awhile. and I was kinda like oh Okay whatever (because at first I had gotten with this total jerk over Christmas Break & was like hating on all guys at the current time, then I was dating this other guy... But he wasn't my type. Too like serious I guess you could say. I like someone fun<3) But then Jay was talking to this other girl so I was annoyyed and like okay whatever go talk to her and then they started dating. So I told him to stop talking me so we didn't talk for like a week. Then he started talking to me again (just as friends) even though he was still dating this other girl. Then this one night I went to my bestfriend, Em's, house to spend the night and he wanted to hang out so I was like okay you guys could just come over to her house. So they did. And his friend took his phone & broke up with his gf but Jay didn't really care because apparently she was really controlling (which all of her boyfriends say). So we're all just like hanging out in Em's basement and I'm flirting with Jay's friend's C because I'm not going to flirt with Jay since he still technically had a gf. But then me & Jay end up getting like locked in this little closet thing. In the dark. Alone. & I mean we didn't do anything. But he acted like we did just to be funny since it was obviously a joke... But we like come out and he's like only in his boxers and my hairs all messed up... So then his gf ended up hearing about that & was all mad at him and he just like officially broke up with her right... So he calls me this one night & we're on the phone for over 2 hours... But he's like I like you. I've liked you since Halloween. And I'm like what about the girl you just dated? & he's like well I kinda liked her and she liked me and you were switching schools so I was just like okay I'll date her so I won't think about you... So then me & him like talked talk talked for like a month... Then he asked me out Monday...
But I love how I didn't really want a boyfriend but I'm dating him... I guess I really like him... I've actually only dated 2 guys this year...

But I'm screwed for this summer. There's this one guy that I only see in the summer, but for the past 2 summers I've gotten with him... Like we still talk now but just as friends... But Ugh. I'm kind of hoping I actually won't see him at all this summer. But at the same time I can't wait to seem him again. I would tell him everything. He doesn't live here so he doesn't know the people I'm talking about so he knows so much about me... But I know I will see him at some point... Him & Jay are actually alot alike in some ways but totally different in others... Jay's like totally preppy & cocky... Which is pretty much exactly like me. I'm pretty preppy & really confident... Sometimes a little too confident. But he's really fun to hang out with...

So this was the most pointless post ever for people to read but I mainly wrote it for myself... So I'm sorry if you just wasted your time reading this since it will have absolutely no impact on your life whatsoever.... But thanks for reading anyways(:

<3 XOXO- Hannah