Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm just saying, you could do better...Tell me have you heard that lately?

So this weekend was amazing.

On Friday I had my friend Abbey over and we went to the movies with my boyfriend, her boyfriend, and their friend (who is an awkward Asian...) We saw the Hunger Games and everbody else that was sitting in the back row got kicked out except for us... Well we almost did... But its not like we were doing anything. But I'm just sitting there with Jay and these awkward 6th grade guys keep asking about me... But after the movie we walked to Dairy Queen. It was just the five of us in a line all holding hands walking down the middle of the street. But Dairy Queen was closed. Whats up with that? So then we walked to McDonalds and sat at a booth until Abbey's boyfriends dad came & picked us up.  But in the car there were only like 2 seats in the back at first so Justin and Abbey's bf are just like oh the girls can sit on our laps so we're like um okay and then his dad put the seats down in the back but we just sat on the guys lap anyways. So we're in the car & this really pretty 7th grade girl calls my boyfriend and is like talking to him and everything and he's just like um I'm with Hannah I'm kinda busy & I'm just like um you're in a car with your girlfriend on your lap and your talking to some other girl? Wow... But we get home and me & Abbey ate pocicles and Pringles & Chocolate for dinner... Even though it was like 11:30... & watched Paranormal Activity 2.
Then on Saturday we went to the Spring Fling which is this thing at the school my younger sister goes to that a bunch of people go to & me and Abbey worked the fish booth thingey. Little kids throwing balls = a bad idea. & you would not believe how many times in one hour I said "Blue & green water gets you tickets, gold gets a fish." So that was the lame part. Then Emma got their & we hung out with her & then the guys got there so we were all just like walking around outside. It was actually really fun. But my bf kissed me <3 But we got in trouble for kissing by some random lady because this was a n "elementary school function" and "we need to take it somewhere else". Umm I was leaving & probably won't see him until next weekend? Screw you. Then I left the fling & went to Emma's house to spend the night. We got Dairy Queen & watched Breaking Dawn. But I didn't really feel good :/ Oh well. But yes. This weekend was rather successful.
I meant to post this like Monday or Tuesday..


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