Saturday, August 4, 2012

I wanna kiss you, but if I do then I might miss you babe

I haven't posted on here in forever... And I am currently grounded so I have absolutely nothing to do. Topic of the day: my stupidity. Hmm. Long story short : started dating the ginger. We dated for like a month and a half. I broke up with him. He tried to get back with me over a month. During that time I met other guys and talked to them, including John (which isnt his real name. I just made it up for the blog) . I ended up hokking up with tye ginger. We got back together. We hooked up more. He broke up with me. We got in a huge fight. I had my girls on my side and he had his guys. We burned his sweatshirt. Got in an even bigger fight. He apolagized. I apolagized. We decided to still be friends. I hooked up wth john. The ginger started hitting on me again and bringing up our history and all that. I hooked up with john again. And that brings me to know. Me being grounded. Yupp. My interesting life. XOXO

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