Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I can't keep sleeping in your bed if you keep messing with my head

In. The Cab. Being single. Eyeliner. Wavy hair. Singing. Grey's Anatomy. Satchels. Delia*s. Long hair. Pacsun. Denim. Ripped jeans. Diy fashion. Green eyes. Writing. Glitter. Indie style. Bunnies. Talking on the phone. Bracelets. Red. Huge houses. New York. Netflix. Being short. Boots. Dark hair. Pink perfume. Being independent. Girl friends. The music video for Bad by The Cab. Horror movies. Dangly earrings. Marilyn Monroe. Paintings. Dresses. Tie dye. Boys that can sing. Chris Brown's voice. Bands. Dancing. 90210. Being around people. Out. Overplayed songs. Being fake. Getting high. Redheads. Acting really slutty. Crying. Players. Being grounded. Here. Being 14. Not trusting someone. Hypocrites. Cats. Junk food. McDonalds. Making out with guys you don't like. Boyfriends. Being judgmental. Bad teeth. Being cold. Small cities.

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