Saturday, August 18, 2012

No regrets, just love.

So the guy that got me grounded got my friend grounded. For the same reason I got grounded. Normally I would be soooo mad. But I didn't like him. So I'm kinda just like hahahahahahaha that's funny. We were friends with benefits I guess you could say. Like looking back... I honestly had no feelings for him. I was still into the ginger. And he knew I was still into him. You don't just kiss a girl that you know likes your friend. And I know he's hooked up with sooo many girls. I've always known that. He's not even that cute. He's really tall, dark hair, dark eyes, tan. He's like half something that starts with an H... He's hooked up with my bestfriends older sister. And thats just one girl I know about... I think he enjoys getting freshman girls grounded... Seriously though. I want to be crazy. I think my parents know it too. 

Hahahahah I wrote this like 2 weeks ago & it never got posted so I guess I will now...

~No Regrets~

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